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WARNING: For Mature Audiences Only

When it comes to sex men and women are about as different as apples and oranges. As guys we like it in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, in the kitchen, on the couch, and ESPECIALLY in public...

Sometimes all it takes is the sight of some tastefully displayed cleavage or half a butt cheek to really get us going from 0 to 100 REAL FAST. As guys, our motor can get running before she even takes her shirt off. Women on the other hand need to be finely tuned before switching into high gear…

We walked the streets of Downtown Los Angeles home to some of the MOST stunning, beautiful, and ambitious women in the world to reveal their deepest darkest sex secrets. While some women were more open about it than others we were able to get a general consensus among the population. For liability purposes we are not disclosing the names and identities of these individuals BUT you won’t believe what we found out!

Here’s what some of them said...

Pay special attention to my clitoris. Speed is the most important thing to me. Start slow and gradually speed up. Don’t go too slow or I may die of boredom and you better NOT go too fast because that can be uncomfortable.

Cuddle me after you come. Don’t just explode then pull out immediately. I want to it to feel like you care about me. Even if you don’t at least pretend…

Kiss my neck slowly using just a bit of tongue and whisper sweet nothings into my ear. I sometimes can get more turned on by what you say rather than what you do.

Don’t be afraid to grab my neck and take control of the situation. I’m a good girl…until you get me in the bedroom THEN all bets are off…

So what else are women saying??? Read more…

Guys think they like sex more than we do. I’m the girl next door at the grocery store but a freak in the bedroom.

I never had an orgasm until I was 30 years old. Then I found a new boyfriend that turned me on with both my mind and body. It was a connection so deep that I never experienced before previously at any level.

Size matters…But it doesn’t matter if you can’t keep it up!

I CAN’T believe I’m telling you this but I LOVE sex on my period. It’s sick, disgusting and gross but if a guy is down with that he can expect EXTRA favors in return.

Sometimes we don’t get the vitamins and minerals needed throughout the course of our daily diet and that’s a FACT. BUT lack of proper micronutrients may not only be hurting your health but KILLING your sex drive AND performance!

Vitamin C helps pressurize blood allowing you to have an erection and increasing blood flow to IMPORTANT bodily areas. Folic Acid combined with Zinc increases sperm production and who doesn’t want to come MORE??? Vitamin E increases sperm count and improves your immune system thereby increasing sexual reproduction activity.

Let’s take a look at what some other women said…

Your hands are there for a reason. Sometimes the hand is more powerful than the penis. The hands shouldn’t be used as a surrogate penis THAT’s a crime against dexterity.

Turn off the damn lights for christ’s sake. I don’t want to be blinded by your bedroom lights while I’m staring at the ceiling.

He should let go a little more and not worry about anything else besides being in the moment…

Pick me up and put me against the wall.

What turns me on is basically everything in 50 Shades of Grey, except be like sort of nice.

Sometimes I just like it in…OTHER places. BUT please warn me first or it may end up as a disaster for both of us.

Don’t act like I don’t want it because TRUST ME I want it MORE than you do.

Don’t come on me while I’m sleeping… My last boyfriend did that in my last relationship and as soon as I woke up I slapped him clear into next week.

Let’s do it in front of the mirror. I want to see your body rubbing against mine… It turns me on seeing myself.

I WON’T tell you this but I love BDSM grab a whip and make me your slave.

F&$K the S%$T out of me.

Sometimes I’m too tired to orgasm and just want you inside me.

Verbal communication is one of the most underrated parts of genital stimulation. Talk to me like the bad girl I’ve been.

Talk to me. Ask questions and let’s communicate openly.

If you’re about to have sex with a girl for the first time don’t take it lightly… She’s goingto see if you PASS the test… With Vitality Male Testosterone Formula you will increase your libido, sexual energy to last longer, and stay harder.

THINK of your testosterone as FUEL for sex drive. You don’t want to be sitting on empty when she’s ready for you to take her on the ride of her LIFE!

Stayed fuel up and ready to go because trust us SHE is…

OKAY guys now that you KNOW what women WANT it’s time to step up your game. Let’s not try to get past the fact that SEX is the MOST IMPORTANT part of any relationship and/or dating experience. You can have all the money in the world, a great body, and an amazing personality BUT if you don’t perform during crunch time chances are your girl may be looking elsewhere for that EXTRA sense of satisfaction.

Be the man she always DESIRED, don’t just turn on her body turn on her MIND…THINK better and PERFORM better. Trust us you will leave her begging for more and more and…

When she comes over for your next date she may simply skip the date, grab your hand, and head STRAIGHT to the bedroom before taking off her panties….

That is, IF she’s wearing any at all…

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